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SEO Rapper spits some web standards rhymez

SEO Rapper raps about design coding and web standards. While amusing, he also runs through nearly all the requirements of a good website. Adherence to web standards makes the web more usable for humans and computers. SEO Rapper provides this entertaining checklist for all our benefit ;)

Lake Avenue House website launched

Lake Avenue HouseLake Avenue House

Simple website maintenance job including text updates to various pages, updates to various pictures, a little graphic design, some ASP and some well needed search engine optimisation.

All within a small budget...

Promoting Irish websites on local search engines

It is becoming increasingly difficult in competitive keyword segments to rank well on the major search engines. Gone are the days when you can set up a brochure website (a website with a few static pages that don't change over time), even if it is well optimised for search engines, and appear on the first page of the search engine results for your keywords. Local or geographic search can and will help greatly, however.

In the Top 10 on Google for: Leitrim web design

We've made it to postition 9, on the first page of the results pages on Google for the search term "Leitrim web design". A little search engine optimisation goes a long way...

We started out before we resumed this blog at about position 24, on page 3, for our keywords, Leitrim web design. We're talking search engines here, not tabloids, so your average web surfer will usually never get to page 3. So when we noticed our jump this week to page one, well, needless to say, "Wehooo!!" Result.

Google biased towards bigger sites

Google is not always going to give the most relevant results. Smaller websites, with smaller development bugets, may not have the resouces to make sure their site is optimised for Google and other search engines. Consequently, even though they may have the most relevant information on a particular topic, they may not score well in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We look at the Ballinamore Golf Club website as an example.