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Going up in the SE charts!

By brian - Posted on 15 April 2006

Well, we've had a little movement in our rankings on the search engines this last week for our keywords Leitrim web design, so it seems that those few little search engine optimisation (SEO) tweaks have paid off...

MSNbot was the most active this week in terms of indexing new pages although it hasn't been reflected in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs), maintaining our position for the keywords Leitrim web design, at second place.

Yahoo's searchbot Slurp also has indexed a few of the new pages and the SEO tweaks we performed resulted in our website moving position up the charts, so to speak, for our keywords to position 5 from position 8.

While Google hasn't down a deep crawl of the website recently and consequently hasn't indexed any of the new pages, the SEO tweaks seem to have paid off with a movement from position 21 to position 18 for our keywords. Now that we're on page 2 of Google's result pages that might actually translate into some more business...

The only other mover this week is on Altavista where we have moved up one position to position 2 for our keywords. Presumably, this is due to the SEO tweaks on our website. It doesn't seem to have indexed any of the new pages yet, but with all this blogging about our keywords, it should do soon...

"Leitrim Web Design" Search Engine Charts

Search Engine Position
Ask Jeeves 1
AltaVista 2
Google 18
HotBot 1
Lycos 1
Yahoo 5