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Promoting Irish websites on local search engines

By brian - Posted on 01 March 2008

It is becoming increasingly difficult in competitive keyword segments to rank well on the major search engines. Gone are the days when you can set up a brochure website (a website with a few static pages that don't change over time), even if it is well optimised for search engines, and appear on the first page of the search engine results for your keywords. Local or geographic search can and will help greatly, however.

While Ireland is at a slight disadvantage due to the lack of a country-wide post code or zip code system, most locality based search engines are sophisticated enough to cope with this shortcoming. The major search engines are already players in this arena but only Google Local Business Centre lists websites outside of the U.S. There is at least one geographic based search engines based in Ireland called YourLocal.ie. You may have seen the ads on television...

Example Listing on Google Local Business Directory