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In the Top 10 on Google for: Leitrim web design

By brian - Posted on 01 May 2006

We've made it to postition 9, on the first page of the results pages on Google for the search term "Leitrim web design". A little search engine optimisation goes a long way...

We started out before we resumed this blog at about position 24, on page 3, for our keywords, Leitrim web design. We're talking search engines here, not tabloids, so your average web surfer will usually never get to page 3. So when we noticed our jump this week to page one, well, needless to say, "Wehooo!!" Result.

We may find that our position may change for our front page, as Google is picking up the text in the right hand column, from "Latest Blog". As this changes, and we add new blog entries, our keywords, may not be as prominent on the front page. However the pages for the individual and complete blog entries should rate fairly well. Now that we're updating our web site more regularly, we expect to see Googlebot indexing our site more regularly and more deeply, so to speak (i.e. following links "deeper" into the site). So it should pick up these new pages also. And these pages should then show up at a similar (if not better) position for our keywords Leitrim web design.

The next task is to start optimising for other keywords, probably Cavan web design as one of our latest clients is located in Cavan. Blogging about that in the same way, may simply be a rehash of our case study for Leitrim web design so unless we make any startling discoveries, we won't labour the point too much.

Next time, we'll talk more about blogging and related technologies like RSS - Really Simple Syndication and how they can be employed to increase the exposure of your website.