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Web Promotion Revisited

By brian - Posted on 03 April 2006

After an initial burst of enthusiasm with regard to optimising webforge.biz for search engines, with particular emphasis on Google, and achieving a Google Page Rank (PR) of 4, we got comfortable and rested on our laurels assuming that it could only get better from here...

With a PR of 3 at the moment, we decided that it was worth revisiting the world of promoting our own website. Some of the factors were no doubt, the loss of backlinks from a couple of sites that ceased to exist for various reasons. On closer analysis, there were also a few other issues in the code for the website that were easily tweaked to optimize the site. For example, using h3 tags instead of h1 tags and other small discrepancies. Furthermore and probably the most pertinent issue was a lack of new content. As they say, "Content is King", but as with a lot of small web development firms, there own website often comes last where on-going development is concerned. Reviving this blog is an effort to remedy this situation.

For monitoring our progress, it has been decided to focus on the position of our website in the Search Engine Results Pages - SERPS of the major search engines for the keywords "Leitrim Web Design". As it stands, we actually do quite well:

Search Engine Position
Ask Jeeves 1
AltaVista 3
Google 21
HotBot 1
Lycos 1
Yahoo 8

Having employed our various Search Engine Optimisation - SEO tweaks, let's see how we improve particularly on Google over the next while...